Friday, 23 September 2011

A Case of Belated Recognition?

The enormous Blogthon being oganised for November poses the question: 'What has done most for Holmes, that Film or that BBC Series? Well, the movie concentrates on  Holmes' physical rather than his mental agility. And while it is all there in the canon (Watson comments, in A Study in Scarlet, on  his new acquaintance's expertise with the singlestick, in the boxing ring and as a swordsman and Sherlock is sufficiently impressed by mathew's knocking out his left canine  in the waiting room at Charing Cross Station to record the fact in his common-place book under 'M')  I have heard Jude Law mentioned a great deal more than R. Downey, Jr. As for Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC series, well he is an engaging young fellow, but the small screen absolutely shone whenever  Martin Freeman appeared. Does this mean Watson is at last getting the kudos he deserves?

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