Friday, 7 June 2013

The 'Englisher Hof'

On a recent visit to Meiringen I was given a private tour of the hotel Conan Doyle called The Englisher Hof and a walk along the corridor containing the room in which he stayed - not even the staff are sure which one it was. When we returned to the Hotel du Lac in Interlaken the owner described a dinner held there for either 'A' or 'The' Sherlock Holmes Society, waxing quite lyrical and saying everything was very jolly with the diners in their deerstalkers, etc. On hearing I had written five books on Holmes (all of which he promised to buy!) he gave me a Holmes medal, saying he'd been given two by the Society so I was very welcome to take one away with me. Altogether 'a grand day out'.  

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