Sunday, 8 May 2011

Close to Holmes

This book by Alistair Duncan is well-written and well-produced. Fans of Sherlock Holmes will perhaps  be familiar with much of the material, but I feel even they will  find something new. Footnotes, bibliography and index are more than adequate, and the photographs are superb. On the subject of these, the author seems to have stretched a point. We have Charlie Chaplin - and a photograph of the cab driver named Netley (a distinct if fortuitous echo of Dr Watson) who may or may not have driven Dr Gull, who may or may not have been Jack the Ripper, round Whitechapel. But every chapter contains something of interest and I have to say that I  enjoyed a thoroughly good read. An extremely useful addition to any Sherlockian's library.

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  1. Chaplain isn't too much of a stretch as he did play Billy the page alongside William Gillette :)

    Many thanks for your review.