Sunday, 8 May 2011

Shadowfall by Tracy Revels

My husband, a retired physicist, said this was beautifully produced, very well-written - and complete rubbish. Fortunately I rescued the book and discovered rather to my surprise that it's remarkably readable, although I must admit the two witches hurling fire-balls at each other was a bit hard to take. There were some sly digs at the canon (as when Watson asks if there's to be a burglary) and the whole enterprise was a real page-turner. A great if quick read, I found only three mistakes: Maitwand for Maiwand, stationery for stationary and distain for disdain. I feel, however, that the book would have worked just as well with Merlin and Wart or Dr Who and one of his sidekicks. Bringing in Holmes and Watson could be rather restrictive if the former has a wider readership. But then the work appears to be doing so well, it does seem somewhat churlish to carp! 

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